Clearing up misconceptions about the Christian faith and defending it.


I stand in defense of Christianity, one of the most debated, ridiculed and analysed religions in the world. I do it because I have, in my limited finite way,  comprehended the goodness of Yahowah and I found He is good.

There is a lot about Christianity that gets lost in translation…literally. There is a lot that has been added on by well-meaning (or not) men of the church. There are those outfits that are purely pagan that also go under the broad category of Christianity that skew the world’s understanding of this faith. There is a lot that the enemy tries to do to malign the name of its Creator. There is a lot that “Christians” themselves have done to hurt and tarnish the image of this beautiful faith. There are a lot of misconceptions, heresies and hearsay.

However, Yahowah’s faith runs in its pure form in the Word. It does not matter what has been done–what men have done, what powers and principalities have designed, what traditions and beliefs have been adopted by the Church and by the world about the Church–the truth about Yahowah is found in its pure, unadulterated and untarnished form in the Word of Yahowah, the Bible.

This blog is an attempt to arrange before you that truth. The blog is first for Christians, who as part of the Body of Christ, are precious and beloved. My efforts are directed firstly towards your edification, empowering you through information, and encouraging you to read the Word and be aware in these end days. The blog is also unfailingly apologetic in its outlook towards those who misunderstand or misrepresent the Word and Truth of Yahowah.



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