Clearing up misconceptions about the Christian faith and defending it.

Take 5 and then back we go.

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I was reading some things written by Mosab Hassan Yousef, the author of The Son of Hamas. I read his blog every now and then when I want to understand something about the Palestine-Israel situation or I am trying to understand something about Islam from an (ex) insider’s perspective. He is straight speaking and clear, and it is remarkable what he has done. However, to be separated from the ones you love is a tough price to pay, no matter how much you believe you did the right thing. He hopes to return back to his homeland when there is peace.

Peace seems to be everyone’s favoured gift. Peace between warring factions, between religions, between countries, between ideologies. Peace that feels like cool shade in the hot sun and tastes as sweet as honey. However, if you are Christian, then the writing is pretty much on the wall. The Bible indicates that the world will only slide towards more unrest and turmoil as it starts to wind down and make way for a new kingdom and, with it, the reign of real peace under a just King. Before we see peace, though, we will see the Tribulation and Armageddon.

In the year to come, I pray that we find our peace in Christ and align our lives and expectations with the words, promises and prophecies of Yahowah.

For what it’s worth, Happy New Year. Don’t forget to be kind.


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